Women of Excellence (W.O.E.), founded by Pastor Dr. TaWanda McLaurin, incorporates everyday living with biblical principles. Monthly meetings provide fellowship, insight, and a relaxingly fun atmosphere. Join us for our next meeting!


W.O.E. is an organization that allows women to come together to practice the art incorporating everyday living to Biblical principles. We are able to successfully communicate with our sisters on issues concerning women and learn from each other. This fellowship not only strengthens the bond of sisterhood, but stimulates spiritual growth, knowledge of the Word of God, confidence in one’s self, and an eagerness to be involved in other aspects of the ministry. It is our endeavor to educate, esteem and empower women of all ethnic backgrounds. Our desire is to provide guidance that will inspire women to excel in every aspect of their lives. Women of excellence ministry seeks to bring out the excellence in every woman.

All you need

is some tea!

Sometimes you just need a good girl talk. No judgement no hassle. Just fellowship with your girls and some tea. Join us as we discuss topics that will help build your spiritual walk with the Lord!

This is an awesome ministry to be in. Our Pastor is like no other Pastor. Our meeting for this month was ooooh soooooo relaxing. I was in another zone when we was painting. So I inviting my friends to come visit us on next month. We have so much fun. Thank you Pastor for being who you are in our life's.


Sarah L. Hawkins

I had an awesome time! Enjoyed the fellowship with the women. The activities were phenomenal! I will definitely attend next year!

Elder Patricia Brown


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