Ministry of  Helps

Shekinah Faith International Ministries

Ministry Leaders

Prophetess Wendy Harris

Prophetess Wendy Harris

Pastor Pamela McLaurin

Pastor Pamela McLaurin

Evangelist Tonya Scott

Evangelist Tonya Scott

Pastor Nate

Pastor Nate

Minister Buffy Hemmingway

Minister Buffy Hemmingway

Evangelist Stephanie McCormmick

Evangelist Stephanie McCormmick

We have several ministries available to serve and worship. Anyone is welcome to offer their time and talents in a ministry that best suited for them.


Deacon(1Tim 3:8-13)
Purpose:  To help maintain order in the ministry

Pastor Aide(I Cor 9:11)
Purpose:  To ensure that all needs are met for Apostle & Pastor.

Men’s Ministry(Gen 1:26) M.E.N.T.O.R.
Purpose:  To teach and inform men of issues involving men.

Women’s Ministry(Pro 12:4) Women of Excellence
Purpose:  To teach and inform women of issues involving women.

Youth Ministry(Pr 22:6)
Purpose:  To help youth come into the knowledge of God and issues of today.

Prayer Intercessor(1Tim 2:1)
Purpose:  To intercede for pastors, ministry and world leaders.

Musicians(Ps 33:3)
Purpose:  To be dedicated to God for the purpose of ministering through music.

Praise Team(Ps 13:6, Ps 147:1)

Purpose:  To usher in the spirit of praise and worship.

Choir(Ps 144:9)
Purpose:  To sing praises unto God:  not for a form or fashion.

Tape Ministry(Matt 28:19)
Purpose:  To maintain recorded services with undated list of services.

Newspaper Committee(Pr 25:25)
Purpose:  To inform members and guest about events of the church.

Administrator(Romans 12:11)
Purpose:  to ensure that the ministry meets the expectations of God and leaders.

Finance Department(Eccl 10:19)
Purpose:  To ensure that church intake is handled properly and distributed correctly.

Financial secretary(Romans 12:11)
Purpose:  To maintain financial standards according to God and the federal/state guidelines.

Secretary (I Cor 14:40)
Purpose:  To maintain accurate records of church events/engagements.

Usher Board(Ps 84:10)
Purpose:  To usher with a pleasant spirit and enforce Sanctuary rules.

Hospitality Committee(1Titus 1:8)
Purpose:  To greet visitors in a friendly and loving manner.

Missionary Department(Matt 25:35-36)
Purpose:  To visit the sick and provide necessities to those that have a need.

Adjutant (Mark 10:41)
Purpose:  To assist and aide the leaders of the church.

Dance, Drama, Step Ministry(Ps 149:3)
Purpose:  To serve Him through our talents and promote the message of His gospel.

Just as each of us has one body with many members, and not all members have the same function, so in Christ we who are many are one body, and each member belongs to one another.

 Romans 12:4-5

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