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Apostle Dr. Gary B. McLaurin

Gary Bernard, the son of the Francis McLaurin and the late Robert McLaurin, was born on February 20, 1965 in New Haven, Connecticut. It was that day that he was called and anointed to lead and deliver God’s people from the bondage of sin. Educated in the New Haven public school system, Gary was a gifted child that went on to greater dimensions. In the year 2007, he earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Christian Education from Amora Deliverance Theological Institution. He obtained his Doctorate of Philosophy from Amora Deliverance Theological Institution in 2008. Most recently Apostle, Dr. McLaurin earned another Bachelors degree in Psychology from Asheworth College.
In October of 1991, God lead Pastor McLaurin to shepherd a flock of people. He began his ministry right in his very own home. A few months later God moved him to a condemned building, located on Cashwell Street. He worshipped God in this place for five months before God blessed him with the building he is now in. His spiritual journey continued with him walking in the five-fold ministry and accepting his Apostleship in 1999. He is the Apostle, founder, and overseer of Shekinah Faith Deliverance Temple Church in Fayetteville, NC.

Apostle is the loving husband of TaWanda Elliott McLaurin, his wife of nearly 20 years. They are the parents of two bright, God-fearing children, Gary J’Nard and Michael Bernard. As the founder of PJB&R Production and Distribution Company, McLaurin demonstrates a love for music and singing. He recorded live songs of his own personal experiences in august 2002, which gained him the honor of receiving the Prestige Award for “Songwriter of the Year” from the North Carolina Gospel Announcers Guild in April 2005. His anointed voice ministers to bring healing and deliverance to all men and women.
Apostle Gary B. McLaurin is truly a leader after God’s own heart. Reaching out to others is what he does best. Allowing God to use him while touching the lives of so many is his honor. Apostle McLaurin loves what God loves and people are his passion.

He is the Honorable Apostle Dr. Gary B. McLaurin.
You can watch our Chief Apostle do his thing on Youtube



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