Biography of Apostle Dr. Gary B. McLaurin

Apostle Gary Bernard McLaurin has been in the ministry for over 25 years teaching the unadulterated Word of God. He accepted Christ at a very early age and committed his life to ministry as a Praise and Worship leader, Armor Bearer, Evangelist and later an Assistant Pastor.  Apostle McLaurin was dedicated and submitted to those whom he served, his humility open many doors and allowed him to minister from New Haven, Connecticut to the Southern States and abroad.

In 1991, under God’s leading Apostle founded Shekinah Faith Temple International Ministries.  Apostle serves as pastor and overseer of Shekinah Faith Temple in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and Ambridge Pennsylvania.  He is a prolific, revelatory and no non-sense preacher.  His preaching style gained him the nick name “radical preacher.”  Apostle’s main focus is to reach the lost at any cost.  Many souls have been saved, set free and delivered through his profound teachings.

A skilled orator and student of the word, Apostle graduated from Amora Deliverance Theological Institution earning his Bachelors in Christian Education, 2007 and completed a dual degree program in 2011 earning his Master’s Degree in Theology with a focus of Pastoral Counseling and Doctorate of Theology focusing on Pastoral Counseling.  He is currently studying at Ashworth College to obtain a degree in Psychology.

An anointed songster and accomplished song writer, he recorded live songs of his own personal experiences  entitled “This is the Day” in August 2002, which gained him the honor of receiving the Prestige Award for “Songwriter of the Year” from the North Carolina Gospel Announcers Guild in April 2005. His anointed voice ministers to bring healing and deliverance to all men and women.  He is currently working on a new project that is set to be released this year.  In 2016 he released his first book Nuggets which are quotes to assist in everyday living.  His love for dress, professionalism, and etiquette inspired him to open his own clothing store, Bernie’s Modest Apparel.

The fivefold ministry gifts are truly in operation in the life of Dr. Gary B. McLaurin.  As the Apostle, he has planted churches, provides mentorship and has the role of an overseer.  Many signs and miracles have been performed under the auspices of the Holy Ghost through this man of God, bodies healed of cancer, healings of incurable diseases (such as herpes), lives and families restored, financial blessings, and restitution. The prophetic gift is dominated in his life.  As the prophet, he has spoken several prophesies regarding our nation, state and government that have come to pass.  There have been numerous testimonies that validate him as a Prophet of God.   His teachings are impeccable, sound, real and relevant.  He is a studier of the word and it is demonstrated through his bible study lessons, ministerial and leadership classes.  He is truly a Pastor after God’s own heart.  Dr. McLaurin loves the people of God.  He is a touchable loving man who is leading the people back to God through the teaching of the Word.  His motto is “And he shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free!”

Dr. Gary B. McLaurin is a native of New Haven, Connecticut.  He is the affectionate loving husband of TaWanda Michelle McLaurin, his wife of over 20 years. They are the parents of two bright, God-fearing children, Gary J’Nard, and Michael Bernard. 


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